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I'm a 2023 Clemson University graduate. I studied International Business and French. I am currently working at Techtronic Industries as a sales and marketing representative. I was born in Paris and moved to America in 2008. I moved around the East Coast and now live in Charlotte, NC. I have experience in sales, website design, marketing, product management, and entrepreneurship. I enjoy reading personal development books, going to the gym, playing volleyball and soccer, and watching TV in my free time.

Personal Development

What I am most passionate about. Talks about my personal development, books that have shaped who I am today, and some insight into my mindset.


List of my professional experience including jobs and internships I have done. Talks about my tasks, my challenges, and what I learned.

Professional Development

Displays some of my side projects. Talks about past entrepeneurial activities, freelancing jobs, and volunteer work. Also goes over what I have learned from them.


Lists all of the courses I have taken, my study abroad experience, and some examples of assignments I have done in college.

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