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This page contains my academic experiences including my coursework in college, some samples of the work I have done, and also my study abroad experience.


Individual Learning

Salesforce Marketer 

Salesforce trailblazer class that talks about all aspects of marketing, as well as how to use salesforce to market.

Sales Training: How To Close More Sales

Udemy class that goes over mindset, techniques, and approaches when selling.

Design Thinking in 3 Steps

Udemy class that teaches about how to understand problems from a customers view, how to effectively brainstorm ideas, and how to create prototypes.


Study Abroad

During Fall of 2022, I studied abroad in Montpellier through a program with the University of Minnesota. This was a great experience that helped me learn about what life was like in France. Even though I am French and was born there, I haven't lived there since I was tiny. Living by myself taught me about transportation, lifestyle, and, best of all, food. It also taught me about French business as I interned with the Montpellier Basketball Team. It opened my mind and taught me a new mindset regarding how to run a business.

Study Abroad

Sample College Assignments

French Paper: Technology Protection

This paper is written in French and talks about the different laws protecting people's information and cold-calling laws. The paper focuses on the United States, Canada, and France.

Sample College Assignmets
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