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I am in my first job out of college as a sales and marketing representative for Techtronic Industries. Over my time in college, I also have done multiple internships, ranging from door-to-door sales to a corporate job using Salesforce.

Techtronic Industries


As a Sales and Marketing Representative for Techtronic Industries, I oversee Milwaukee, Ryobi, and Ridgid products in a single Home Depot in Evans, Georgia. I previously worked on the Hart team where I was in charge of assisting 8 Walmarts.

TTI is a power tool distributor and has representatives in two different stores. Some are in Home Depot and are in charge of mainly Milwaukee, Ryobi, and Ridgid products. The others are in charge of Hart, a Walmart-exclusive brand that began in 2020. 

As a representative, I ensure the products are in a prominent place, have enough inventory, and find ways to drive sales. I am also responsible for building relationships with store management and associates to simplify the execution of new features or projects that involve TTI. I also negotiate with the store's management to secure additional space to grow sales.


Southwestern Advantage

I spent the summer of 2021 in Baton Rouge, LA, selling education books door-to-door for Southwestern Advantage, whose headquarters are based in Nashville, TN.

SW is a 150-year-old program that helps students develop skills and character. SW was selected as the nation's top-rated internship/cooperative education program in 2019 and 2021. Before going to Louisiana, I spent three months in sales and personal development training and did sales school in Nashville.


In Baton Rouge, we lived with a host family, and I was alone during the day, selling six days out of 7 and 13 hours per day with an average of 80 hours per week.


I took this internship to test my limits and learn sales the hard way. When you take the toughest path, you can grow the most — more problems = more growth.


My results: I ended up 98/1800+ interns with a profit of $12,000 for myself while generating about 40k for the company.

Check my journey

Southwestern Advantage

Case IQ

My internship with Case IQ (formerly named I-Sight) was during the summer of 2022. I was working remotely as a sales and marketing intern.

I-Sight is a company based in Ontario, Canada. They sell case management software to help companies with investigations. My role was working under the manager of the BDR team.

During this internship, I learned much about Salesforce, Outreach, Zoom Info, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. My primary role was to validate prospects and manage the sales pipeline. I would ensure that information from Salesforce was properly pushed to Outreach and that each BDR was getting prospects.

I also worked with my manager to create reports on Salesforce. These aimed to help the management team have good data to make good decisions.



My internship with VDInnovation was from August 2019 to September 2019. I was in charge of entering products into Shopify. I also ran the testing of sites before being launched.

This gave me much knowledge about what goes into selling online. I learned about using product codes and designing product pages on Shopify.

Montpellier Basket Team

My internship with the Montpellier Basketball team was during the fall of 2022. I was working in France, talking to French companies.

During this internship, my role was to help expand the teams' financial capabilities by talking to potential partners. I did this by going to shops in the city and talking to them.

I also helped bring in fans by handing out flyers and talking to French students.

I talk more about my experience on the academics page, and there is also a reflection essay about things I learned working here.

Monpellier Basket
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