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Launching a Fashion Business

I co-founded the company Ashoona in 2021 with a Clemson friend. We create anime designs, we embroider them on t-shirts and we sell them via drops.
What I did
Forecast and accounting


Created the website


Bridging a gap for Clemson Freshmen amidst Covid

2020 was a difficult time for college freshmen. All clubs were canceled, everyone had to stay in their dorm for classes, all the onboarding activities were canceled so it was difficult to meet other students. Everyone seemed to be desperate to meet other people so I created an app to help Clemson students make friends and share activities. As a college student in the Covid pandemic, with a lot of online courses and not many social events, it can be difficult to make friends and to find people with whom we share the most interests so I created my own platform. The app was private and dedicated only to Clemson students so we could communicate freely. 
The app was built as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and for Mobile Android on Google Play.

After a week the app counted already 200 users. The app grew up to 400 users. The main growth was coming from the communication put on a group on Facebook. This group happened to be a commercial group that considered my app as a competition so they shut me down. Most of the Clemson freshmen belonged to this group so it became harder to grow it as fast as it started.

I retired the app when things went back to normal.

I got interviewed by WCNC about the app.
View the video
What I did
Built the app
Managed the events
Welcome the new users


Promoted the app on social media and on-campus
Talked to the News

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